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Employment Opportunity!

20 Jan

Numerous new positions have arisen in the Public Sector, as a result of a new initiative by local and government.

Applicants should have no experience or skills. Educated or qualified candidates will be disqualified.

It is important that applicants are team players, so only illiterate or innumerate persons should apply. We want you to fit in. Don’t worry if you can’t speak English; most of our documents are available in a number of languages, and if you can’t read at all we will provide an interpreter.


  • Short working week
  • A world-class pension plan: index-linked and you can retire at 55
  • Generous paid sick leave (compulsory)
  • Excellent opportunities for education and advancement. A full range of NVQ’s is available, including the highly-prized NVQ2 in paperclip counting and the NVQ2 in fobbing of taxpayers with inaccurate information