Ba!, Obama

10 Nov

Mr Obama, you have broken my heart. I naively thought that your election to the White House heralded a new era of compassion and principled politics in the world. Foolish, I know. From the early promise evidenced by healthcare reform and the planned closure of Gitmo, you have joined the ranks of those who would sell their values for a mess of potage. Indonesian potage.

Indonesia charts at 110 out of 178 in the latest TPI corruption rankings. It is such a liberal regime that Amnesty International cannot open an office there. Torture in Papua and Maluku. Attacks on Christians in Bekasi. Death squads in East Timor. Genocide in 1965/6.

“Indonesia is part of me”, you say. Is there nothing our leaders will not espouse in the interests of the buck? The bottom line is that Obama, Cameron et al leave their principles in the closet when business is at stake.


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