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A great week for steelworkers….

1 Apr

Another nail in the coffin of British industry. Tata has decided to bail out (I wonder if Jaguar Landrover uses British steel?). No government representation at the Tata meeting; too busy elsewhere, I guess.

Sajid Javid was busy in Australia; obviously the destruction of a key strategic industry, workers lives, communities was not not high in his consciousness. After all, he is an ex £3 million a year banker. Cameron was scratching his arse over the Belgian calamity. Osborne was probably contemplating his gloomy future as the Chancellor of the failed Exchequer.

It has been revealed that the Brit government blocked EU moves to impose sanctions on Chinese steel dumping. After all, Chinese investment in British nuclear power, transportation and real estate is far more important than working people.

In the same week, figures were published that around 3,000 UK bankers earned over 1 million Euros last year. More than bankers across Europe, and only 55 times higher than the new minimum wage. Not bad for a bunch of coke-snorting unqualified jerks. Of course, they are far more worthy than doctors, care workers, teachers and garbage collectors.

The Qatar hosting of the World Cup has made the headlines again. Allegedely, contractors have been exploiting and abusing workers. Come on, this is standard practice across the Middle East. Even in those esteemed countries like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, where our government endorses dictatorship, restrictions on free speech and enslavement – in exchange for defence contracts. Unlike most government bullshit, proclaimed ignorance of the harsh reality and bland reassurance, this story is true. The workers are abused by their own governments and businesses, employers in Qatar and “our valued partners” is endemic.