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UK lamentable treatment of Domestic Violence victims

17 Nov

OK, so many countries neglect the issue of domestic violence, but as the father of parliaments, shouldn’t the UK be leading the way?

As a victim of abuse, one would hope that help was available in the UK.

Sadly, not. The courts, the police, social services and the legal ‘profession’ are an inadequate failure!

Ok, if you are a terrorist/murderer/IRA murderer/child abuser -you get the highest standard of legal representation. Cases going back over decades get appropriate attention at the highest levels.

But, if you are a victim of abuse, violence, alienation you get no support.

On legal aid, you get the help of solicitors like Duncan Lewis; the biggest recipient of legal aid funds in England, who mainly deploy trainees and incompetent junior staff who fail to observe dates and lose papers. You get the judgements of a prejudiced and incompetent family court judge named Paul Carr. You get incompetent and inaccurate actions by Harrow Social Services, and dismissive treatment by the Metropolitan Police because violence and death threats over 2 years ago don’t count, even with evidence.

Overall, the UK is behind in the issue of parental alienation. Our legal system prefer to listen to the views of minors (under 10) who live in fear and suffer indoctrination and abuse. They ignore facts, evidence and only deploy when things become a crisis.

As a key parent, key educator and provider for my family, I despair.