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EU Inclusion and Unity

9 Apr

So, Orban has won another term of exclusion in an EU state.

When  the UK voted for Brexit, I was full of despair. I felt it excluded my daughter from opportunity and inclusion as an EU citizen.

Now – not so sure. Since 2004, we have admitted hundreds of thousands of EU citizens to the UK: great. But Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland have refused to accept the victims of horror from Syria and Eritrea or any other country where ordinary people face death and desolation.

It seems like my great dream of European and global unity is plunging towards a precipice. Europe is becoming no better than comb-over America in the days of Trump: no better than the Nazi era!

The European parliament should sanction the governments of EU countries where racism prevails, and the UK government should stop ass-licking for the citizens of those racist countries.


Bishops, child benefit and responsibility

9 Apr

So, Bishops think two-child benefit cap should be removed?

Simple, innit. If you can’t afford to provide for your kids – don’t have them! Back in my antique life in a poor family, my parents focused on my wellbeing: no trendy trainers, no flat-screen TV, no Playstation, no fat bastard McDonalds – just simple stuff like home-cooked meals, repaired shoes, reversed shirt collars to deal with fraying fabric.  Those were the days.

Now, profligate child-bearing is a revenue stream for many: child tax credit, even working tax credit if you are an excessive breeder. No one should be paid to have children!

Of course, in the light of the recent explosion of abuse scandals involving Bishops and priests, no child benefits there.