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School holidays, ripoffs and bad weather

28 Jul

So, you’re a responsible parent, so you don’t take your kids out of school before the summer term and therefore avoid a fine. But you face a penalty anyway, because all holiday companies rob you blind.

Budget airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet charge you extra for everything – like sitting with your kids, hold baggage, a cup of coffee or a crap snack. All holiday companies charge you per person for accommodation – even though in most countries, the actual hotels charge you per room! Worst of all, the holiday companies charge you top rates – even though it is low season in some countries.

So what can you do? Check out sites like Netflights, or book flight only with the so-called budget airlines. Book your hotel separately – you can negotiate separately; for example, the 5* Royal Cliff hotel in Pattaya will offer you a far better rate! If you use a budget airline, better to only take cabin baggage (ok – just a toothbrush, panties and a sunhat), and eat before you board; buy some cheap clothes when you get there and leave them behind! Try hotel websites directly, or Airbnb.



26 Jul



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