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Pakistani child abusers

30 Oct

So, in recent trails in Rotherham and Huddersfield, most of the perpetrators were of Pakistani or Sikh origin. Tragic!

Decades of ignorance, reluctance, political correctness and stupidity. Social workers and police ignored the facts for decades, for fear of being criticised.

Sadly, nothing new. My abusers were members of the Salvation army, the Boy Scout movement and held in high esteem by the establishment, because of course they were great membersĀ  of the community. Social services, the police, and society in general sought to keep children quiet.

In recent times, my daughter and I attended a meeting with a social services manager. She agreed that that the case was high priority – but they didn’t have staff to deal with it!! Nothing has changed.

My partner is a domestic violence victim, but as recorded death threats were over 2 years old old – no action.

Overall, Huddersfield, Rotherham, the Metropolitan Police and Gloucestershire police and social services are a total failure!