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TV chefs have changed our lives

10 Nov

Ok, I am an antique. The first TV cooking show I ever saw was Fanny Cradock; even in those days she boiled, roasted and baked things to death – luckily, I moved on. She was followed by Graham Kerr and Delia Smith: better, but still practical and not very exciting (I still have their books!).

Now, not a day goes by without a cookery show: Hairy Bikers, Rick Stein, Saturday Kitchen, Raymond boring Blanc, etc etc. Very interesting – but also quite damaging.

H0w many people actually cook their stuff, rather than just going out and buying microwaveable ready meals? Or buy packs of diced pre-prepared fruit and veg? Come on guys, peeling a carrot or potato ain’t that hard!

A serious side effect of TV food shows is that the prices of food shoot up. If a programme features pork cheeks – bang! The demand and price shoots up.

In my childhood and teen years, I ate pigs trotters, chitterlings, faggots, lamb shanks, sheeps head and oxtail because my family was cash-strapped. In my teen years, I had a Saturday job in a butchers shop. Beef cheeks were sold as dog food; pigs trotters were for the poor and needy; marrowbones were given away to customers who bought a joint of meat; lamb shanks for the home cook who was scraping to feed the family.

Now, all of the above cost a small fortune! I have a shelf full of cookbooks, including Tom Kerridge: a hero from my homeland. Sadly, there is nowhere near me that sells his key ingredients: not one proper butchers shop.




So OK, Brexit is a disaster….but

29 Oct

When the UK voted for Brexit, I was devastated. The world needs more inclusion, not divisiveness. More unification and joint policies for going forward.

The lies told by Farage and Boris Johnson seem to have escaped attention; how can they get away with that?

As a father, I was so disappointed that Brexit means my daughter missed the opportunity to study at EU universities and develop career opportunities in the EU.

However, the current trends of racism, exclusion and persecution seem to be gaining adoption across the world. Trump in America ( a country where all white people are descended from colonialism and immigration). EU countries endorsing Nazi-style governments and policies, including Poland, Denmark, Hungary et al. The EU needs to change, and the UK remaining within the EU would have done more for that.

Im my estimation, most Brexit supporters are racist and tragically failed. They ramp about EU immigrants taking their jobs; maybe that is because too many lazy bastards don’t want to work harvesting crops, cleaning toilets or packing parcels in warehouses?


School holidays, ripoffs and bad weather

28 Jul

So, you’re a responsible parent, so you don’t take your kids out of school before the summer term and therefore avoid a fine. But you face a penalty anyway, because all holiday companies rob you blind.

Budget airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet charge you extra for everything – like sitting with your kids, hold baggage, a cup of coffee or a crap snack. All holiday companies charge you per person for accommodation – even though in most countries, the actual hotels charge you per room! Worst of all, the holiday companies charge you top rates – even though it is low season in some countries.

So what can you do? Check out sites like Netflights, or book flight only with the so-called budget airlines. Book your hotel separately – you can negotiate separately; for example, the 5* Royal Cliff hotel in Pattaya will offer you a far better rate! If you use a budget airline, better to only take cabin baggage (ok – just a toothbrush, panties and a sunhat), and eat before you board; buy some cheap clothes when you get there and leave them behind! Try hotel websites directly, or Airbnb.


26 Jul



stupid, callous, fragile, racist narcissistic Potus

EU Inclusion and Unity

9 Apr

So, Orban has won another term of exclusion in an EU state.

When  the UK voted for Brexit, I was full of despair. I felt it excluded my daughter from opportunity and inclusion as an EU citizen.

Now – not so sure. Since 2004, we have admitted hundreds of thousands of EU citizens to the UK: great. But Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland have refused to accept the victims of horror from Syria and Eritrea or any other country where ordinary people face death and desolation.

It seems like my great dream of European and global unity is plunging towards a precipice. Europe is becoming no better than comb-over America in the days of Trump: no better than the Nazi era!

The European parliament should sanction the governments of EU countries where racism prevails, and the UK government should stop ass-licking for the citizens of those racist countries.

Bishops, child benefit and responsibility

9 Apr

So, Bishops think two-child benefit cap should be removed?

Simple, innit. If you can’t afford to provide for your kids – don’t have them! Back in my antique life in a poor family, my parents focused on my wellbeing: no trendy trainers, no flat-screen TV, no Playstation, no fat bastard McDonalds – just simple stuff like home-cooked meals, repaired shoes, reversed shirt collars to deal with fraying fabric.  Those were the days.

Now, profligate child-bearing is a revenue stream for many: child tax credit, even working tax credit if you are an excessive breeder. No one should be paid to have children!

Of course, in the light of the recent explosion of abuse scandals involving Bishops and priests, no child benefits there.



UK lamentable treatment of Domestic Violence victims

17 Nov

OK, so many countries neglect the issue of domestic violence, but as the father of parliaments, shouldn’t the UK be leading the way?

As a victim of abuse, one would hope that help was available in the UK.

Sadly, not. The courts, the police, social services and the legal ‘profession’ are an inadequate failure!

Ok, if you are a terrorist/murderer/IRA murderer/child abuser -you get the highest standard of legal representation. Cases going back over decades get appropriate attention at the highest levels.

But, if you are a victim of abuse, violence, alienation you get no support.

On legal aid, you get the help of solicitors like Duncan Lewis; the biggest recipient of legal aid funds in England, who mainly deploy trainees and incompetent junior staff who fail to observe dates and lose papers. You get the judgements of a prejudiced and incompetent family court judge named Paul Carr. You get incompetent and inaccurate actions by Harrow Social Services, and dismissive treatment by the Metropolitan Police because violence and death threats over 2 years ago don’t count, even with evidence.

Overall, the UK is behind in the issue of parental alienation. Our legal system prefer to listen to the views of minors (under 10) who live in fear and suffer indoctrination and abuse. They ignore facts, evidence and only deploy when things become a crisis.

As a key parent, key educator and provider for my family, I despair.